What Kind Of Tattoos Hold Up The Best?

Tattoos are permanent pieces of art that lie deep within the dermis of your skin. But the longer you wear your tattoo, the more changes it will undergo. If you want your tattoo to last, you must take care of it. The type of tattoo you get will help you determine whether your tattoo will last for years. Luckily, there are several different types of tattoos. Check this to buy reliable tattoo pain numbing cream.

Traditional tattoos:

Bold outlines and clean, minimal colors characterize traditional tattoos. These designs are great for people who want their tattoos to look great when they fade. If you need to decide whether you want a tattoo with lines or a minimalist design, talk to your artist before deciding.

Darker shades:

Generally, darker tattoos fade less than lighter ones. For example, white ink will not show up well on light skin, so darker shades are the best choice. Your skin color will also affect how your tattoo will hold up. If you have freckles, consider choosing a dark shade to complement your skin tone.

Birthdates, zodiac signs, and song lyrics:

If you’re looking for a purely symbolic tattoo, you’ll want something simple. Some popular symbols include birthdates, zodiac signs, and song lyrics. These designs have a deeper meaning than just being a pretty piece of ink.

Geometric tattoos: 

Geometric and symbolic tattoos are very popular. These designs are usually quite small and relevant to you. They also have a higher chance of lasting longer. For example, the eagle is associated with patriotism, strength, and wisdom. Other examples of symbols are Roman numerals.

Biomechanical tattoos:

Biomechanical tattoos are realistic representations of images. They’re done freehand and are meant to resemble machines. They’re considered to be a subcategory of Realism.

Nautical themes:

Nautical themes are another common style of tattoo. These tattoos include ships, lighthouses, compasses, and other maritime images. These images were brought to the West by sailors. Often, nautical tattoos are linked to pin-up girls, as the sexy styles of the 1950s inspire them.

You can also make your tattoo look more authentic using fine-line details. This can be achieved by asking your tattoo artist for darker lines. This will help you to avoid the “cheap” look of fine lines.

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